These videos show some Andalus Organic projects, our working methods and the results achieved


We support the food sector in the search for international markets in all the necessary steps:
– Product Construction for each market
– Design of Brand and Marketing Strategies
– Implementation of marketing Strategies
– Support in international markets (Trade shows, negotiation with importers)
– Linking with potential clients through Eco-Tourism


A sector with a great potential that must overcome many challenges to become an alternative for farmers and other professionals in Rural Areas.
Yuntas supports Public Institutions and Entrepreneurs in:
– Business Model Design
– Creation of Products
– Constitution of Alliances

Social Development in Rural Areas

The social challenges of Rural Areas are specific and demand tailored solutions:

Strategies for the Public Sector in response to social challenges:
– Aging
– Depopulation
– Identification and exploitation of competitive advantages

Design of Rural Development Plans and Policies

Focus on European networks and funding


Environment understood as a factor of development of the Rural Environment:
– Design of sustainable management projects for environmental resources to generate employment and economic activity
– Development of Plans for Development and Territory and Resources Management (forestry, livestock, forestry, wildlife and water)
– Strategies for the development of Environmental Research Projects

Circular Economy

One of the key challenges for the immediate future will be the transition from a linear model (with a single use of goods) to a circular one (that supports re-use, and therefore a better use of natural resources). Yuntas develops:
– Strategies and measurement of indicators and impacts in the collection, treatment and recovery of waste
– Awareness campaigns between producers and consumers to bet on products with a long lifespan and support Re-use